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At Bua, we are a family-owned restaurant and take pride in the food we serve. We believe that cooking delicious dishes for friends and family is the best way to communicate our love for one another. We strive to do the same for you and immerse you in Thai culture and hospitality from the moment you step inside. Just as the restaurant décor and dinnerware are imported directly from Thailand, so are the robust flavors you’ll taste in our dishes. Family recipes, passed down from generations, ensure that we are able to serve our homemade seasonings, curry pastes, and sauces directly to you. You can count on the flavorful Thai cuisine we offer being Grandma-approved. Join us at Bua!

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950 S Abilene St. Aurora, Colorado 80012


  • +1 720-262-9923
  • Email: reservation@buacuisine.com
  • 950 S Abilene St. Aurora, Colorado 80012
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